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Our blog is about newest projects, success stories, clients talk and a lot of new innovative ways to boost your sales

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Our team has decades of big name ad agency experience with a track record of designing successful solutions to diverse marketing/communications challenges.

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Brand building & Digital communicaton.

Whatever it takes, we'll help you start the conversation and keep it going. Others call it brand building. Others integrated marketing communication. We call it, what ever it takes to bring back RESULTS!

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Strategically creative thinking can make results beautiful.

These aren't just our client creations. These are our friends and the brands linked to our creative work. Our passion spans from designing interactive experiences to innovative advertising strategies.

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Creative Communication & Digital Service Agency

Ideas Not Ads. Results Not Promises. We deliver creative marketing, branding, and communications ideas that activate brands and drive demand.

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A creative communication agency located in Athens, Greece. Our goal is to provide solutions that are unique, differentiating, and relevant to your brand. We can only get there through a collaborative process that combines our strategic and creative skills with your knowledge of your business.

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We at watermark take brand builders who love technology and technologists who love brands, mix them together producing creativity interactively connected to our clients’ customers.

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Advertising is undergoing a transformation: the merging of technologies, media and methods that used to be separate. So how do you keep your message focused while taking advantage of all the new opportunities out there? With an agency built around this new reality. And that just happens to be us. 

Brand Assessment & Development 

The right corporate identity and positioning really set the tone for your brand. We provide  full brand marketing strategies and services to companies already established or just starting out.


From concept to campaign, we deliver creative approaches to all media. Our talented creative team will translate your marketing ideas into concepts and a plan that help reach your business goal.

TV, Radio & Print Production

We tell your story live . We work with clients in creating TV Spots, Radio & Print production, sales videos, infomercials and any other production needed for our clients to reach their target.

Web Services

Website Design, Development and Hosting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , online campaigns, Google adwords effective advertising. Anything needed for your brands digital environment that help you attract, engage and convert your visitors to customers.

Social Media

We know how to make social media work for your business, significantly increasing traffic to your website and interest in your brand. It takes some strategic effort and planning, but once in place is a great asset.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in building amazing mobile experiences on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Leveraging the rich feature set of these powerful mobile operating systems, we create a presence for your brand directly in the hands of your customers.

/ / Small team – Big Ideas

We’re used to multi-disciplinary thinking, smart strategies and big advertising ideas. Yet we don’t need a big office or dozens of support staff, so our overhead is low. As in, almost non-existent. In fact, the only thing you pay for is the team doing your work. 

Manos Kapantaidakis

Manos Kapantaidakis

Art Director

Haris Kaklamanos

Haris Kaklamanos

Web Works

Nikos Kemos

Nikos Kemos

General Director

Dimosthenis Manias

Dimosthenis Manias

Web & Mobile Specialist

Giannis Giannakopoulos

Giannis Giannakopoulos


Eratosthenis Kostaras

Eratosthenis Kostaras

S.E.O. Engineering

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What we do is simple:  We create the right message, for the right audience and deliver it at the right time and through the right vehicle.  It’s simple, but it’s not easy. So we are open for a new project. Yours!.

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